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Workforce Mobility

CHALLENGE:Wireless connectivity and remote access
Around the world
When your team is on the move, you need to enable easy access to your network and information assets from wherever they roam. Whether on the road or working from home, they can access your network, information assets, and the Internet—right from their laptops via a secure Virtual Private Network or thin-client solutions such Terminal Services. And they can connect and securely synchronize with their Microsoft Exchange® mailbox from wireless devices like a Blackberry or Treo handhelds.
Around the office
Today’s offices are often a mess of tangled cords and permanently tethered workstations. How can you gain the flexibility, productivity, and cost effectiveness of wireless technology without the hassle? RTS.

We’ll set up, tune, and manage your wireless local area network and securely connect all your computers and printers. So you gain all the productivity advantages that come with mobility—like accessing your network from a meeting in the conference room. Plus with notebooks no longer anchored by network cables, moving or adding workstations is easy and less expensive.
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