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User HelpDesk

IT Experts on Call Around the Clock
Whom do you call when your computer is running slowly or you’re concerned about spyware? Where do you turn for much-needed “how to” advice for your Microsoft Office® applications? With RTS, you’ll never have to worry about where to go for help—because we stand behind you every step of the way.
Direct Access by Every Employee
The RTS Customer Care Center are ready to respond to your users’ requests for help. Your employees can call our help desk to get responsive, personal support. Better yet, our agents can remotely access user workstations for immediate resolution.
First-Call Resolution
Our Customer Care experts combine technical knowledge with interpersonal skills to make users feel comfortable and resolve problems quickly. We pride ourselves on our ability to solve your problems and answer many of your questions on the first call. If our agents are not able to quickly resolve the problem, we will escalate the issue to second- and third-tier engineers and, if necessary, dispatch an engineer to your site to solve the problem.
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