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Expreince the "Endless Possibilities" at RTS


Up and Running

CHALLENGE: Availability…reliability…stability
Bulletproof dependability
Frustrating downtime is no longer a problem when you’re backed by the reliability of top computing products and the experts who know how to keep them humming. Because your computer operation is built and maintained by RTS, we’re constantly monitoring and improving your system for total dependability.
Proactive troubleshooting
At RTS we proactively monitor and manage your IT infrastructure—around the clock. And we’ll fix many problems before you even know anything is wrong. If you do have to call for support, our knowledgeable operators will know your system and can respond fast. Some companies claim to monitor your hardware, but if they don’t have the tools to automate the recovery process then it not a true proactive approach.
Consistent deployment
Most offices have a tangle of mismatched components trying to run multiple applications on a network patched together over time. And they spend precious resources maintaining and repairing these systems. With RTS, you gain all the productivity and reliability advantages that come with consistent deployment of current, well-tuned technologies. You can take advantage of our deep experience in upgrading, migrating, and deploying the latest technologies.
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