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Township Case Studies

May 24th, 2008
The Client: Town of Lyman
About the Client
The Town of Lymans Mayor during this case study was Mayor Robert Fogel. Dennis Drozdak is the treasure for the Municipality Town of Lyman, with 27 Full-time employees with thirteen terminal computers and laptops, and two servers.
The Challenge
Town of Lyman was using a firm out of Greenville. They were receiving support under the break/fix environment. Their virus protection was outdated, maintenance was not getting performed on a regular basis, their backup methods were outdated, and untested. Plus they were always wait days for support from their current support company. It was impossible for them to set a monthly budget for their technology support under the break/fix environment.
The Solution
Based on the needs of the Town of Lymans technology needs, RTS recommended that they go with our Level 5 Complete Care plan. RTS was able to address all of their concerns under one monthly budgeted plan. RTS rolled out their Security Module which provided them with Intrusion Detection, Up-to-date Virus and Spyware protection, and Spam protection on their exchange email server. Next we rolled out our performance and maintenance module. RTS is now able to monitor their computers and servers to keep downtime to a minimum. Finally, RTS rolled out their disaster recovery module to make sure all computers and servers were backed up to a NAS that RTS provided. We also were able to assist them in switching from ATT to another telecom provider to save them additional money on Data and phone service.
RTS has been able to resolve their issues in a more effective manner, we have also found other solutions through our affiliate companies to save them additional money, or provide them with a very affordable solution. This included: Vow Inc. for Website development and hosting, and Greenville Office Supplies for their office supply needs. We have been able to cut out 95% of the Spam that they were receiving, we have blocked over 100 viruses and spyware from reaching their computers, and their computers run more efficient because of our weekly maintenance. They now know that their data is being securely backed up, and they are meeting their annual budget for IT support. With the Service Level Agreement that Level 5 customers they know they will have someone working on any emergency issue via remotely within an hour.
Customer Testimonial
"It is important for the Town of Lyman to be able to meet our yearly budget, yet at the same time do not loss any level of service. Having Rising Technology Solutions Complete Care plan has made our budget planning so much easier, we no longer have to wait around for support when we are down, we know that our security protection is always up-to-date, and that our backup is performing the way it should be. We know they are looking out for our best interest and will resolve our problems in a timely manner. I would recommend RTS to any customer that needs to budget their monthly support and know that they are protected with Security and disaster recovery at a very reasonable price and would rather take a more proactive approach to their computer problems."
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