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"It is important for the Town of Lyman to be able to meet our yearly budget, yet at the same time do not loss any level of service. Having Rising Technology Solutions Complete Care plan has made our budget planning so much easier, we no longer have to wait around for support when we are down, we know that our security protection is always up-to-date, and that our backup is performing the way it should be. We know they are looking out for our best interest and will resolve our problems in a timely manner. I would recommend RTS to any customer that needs to budget their monthly support and know that they are protected with Security and disaster recovery at a very reasonable price and would rather take a more proactive approach to their computer problems."

Dennis Drozdak - Town Finance Manager
Town of Lyman
81 Groce Road, Lyman, South Carolina 29365

"would recommend Rising Technology Solutions simply for peace of mind. They are knowledgeable and dependable. Our business demands immediate attention to customers, and we must be able to have quick access to solving computer problems that may arise. With RTS our computers and network are working more efficiently, we are able to communicate with each other more effectively. It has made my job easier as far as making sure we have the computer support to handle any problems that may arise."
Regina Abernathy
VTS Security
Office Manager
Below is some of our customer's testimonies in the success that Rising Technology Solutions, LLC has had, and the level of service that we are able to provide them.
“Our company has been working with Rising Technology Solutions, LLC for some time, and our experience has been wonderful! We have worked with several firms over the years, and what we find when calling for support, is immediate response to every need, and expertise to address our needs. Everything we do as a company relies so heavily on our computer system, than even the smallest glitch closes us down as effectively as if the phones and power went out at the same time! Add to immediate attention, the fact that Rising Technology Solutions, LLC is able to "fix us up" even though much of what we utilize has been created specifically for our needs, so there is little that is "standard". Rising Technology Solutions, LLC responds quickly and gets us back up and running so that we are able to get right back to work! It has been a pleasure working with them."
Ruby Cromer - President
Staffing Associates, Inc.
460 N. Church Street Spartanburg, SC 29303
Phone: (864) 542-0039 • Fax: (864) 542-0094
“The people at Rising Technology Solutions, LLC are always available and their knowledge and expertise is the reason they handle both our offices. In our business we can not afford to have our computers down for any length of time. Rising Technology always gets us up and running when we have a problem and always offers solutions to prevent further problems. With identity theft, hackers, viruses abound. We put our trust in RTS to keep us safe and our customer’s safe as well. “
Travis Watson - Co-Owner
Watson Insurance Agency
3105 Boiling Springs Rd. Boiling Springs, SC 29316
PO Box 160820 Boiling Springs, SC 29316
Phone: (864) 599-6779 • Fax: (864) 599-6764
“With their prompt response and depth of knowledge and expertise, Rising Technology Solutions, LLC makes a great partner to have in the IT community.”
David Blackwell - Director of IT
Inman Mills
300 Park Rd. Inman, SC 29349
PO Box 207 Inman, SC 29349
Phone: (864) 472-2121 • Fax: (864) 472-0261
"We recently upgraded our server and made some software modifications. Rising Technology Solutions, LLC helped make this transition smooth and effortless. We are very appreciative to have Rising Technology Solutions doing our network support. They are dedicated to seeing that our systems run as smoothly as possible."
Ken Berry
Laser Services Inc.
152 McGuire Rd. Spartanburg, SC 29303
Phone: (864) 596-1047 • Fax: (864) 596-4636
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