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Staffing Case Studies

May 22nd, 2008
The Client: Integrys Staffing Solutions, Inc.
About the Client
Integrys is a temporary staffing agency specializing in elder care. In business since 2000, they continue to see rapid growth and ever expanding IT needs.
The Challenge
As their company has grown and their IT needs increase, they have surpassed the ability of the office staff to identify and implement the equipment needed; as well as handling computer problems they have encountered. As a small business it was not financially feasible to have a full-time IT person on staff. Like most small to mid-size companies they needed a good source for advice on what to purchase, how best to accomplish their IT needs in an affordable manner, and a source to keep them current on security and new technology. They needed a good backup system and a reliable disaster recovery plan. What RTS found included a vulnerable security system, out-dated patches and an unreliable recovery plan. They also needed a source for the occasional maintenance of their computers and advice on non-technical issues. They wanted support from someone they could reach by phone, who was familiar with their system, someone who had remote access to their system and someone they could call with simple questions without being charged outrageous fees.
The Solution
Based on the size of Integrys we recommended that they select our Level 4 Complete Care Plan. This will give them the following benefits: user portal, security, disaster recovery, regular maintenance, performance monitoring, and unlimited remote/phone support. RTS is not your standard break/fix company. We are a solutions provider! We will be working on behalf of Integrys, finding the correct solutions for their IT concerns making their business more efficient and profitable.
RTS has been able to resolve their issues in an effective, affordable manner. We found solutions through our affiliate companies to save them additional time and money, and to provide them with affordable solutions in other areas. This included: Vow Inc. for Website development and hosting, Mahrt Communication for wiring and phone system support, and Greenville Office Supplies for their office supply needs. We are in the process of implementing their security and disaster recovery solution, and will be transitioning them to our Complete Care Program. Our solution is to keep problems to a minimum and make them more profitable and efficient.
Customer Testimonial
"Without an internal IT staff it was important to for us to have a reliable, affordable source for our IT needs. As our company was growing we needed to have advice on equipment, hardware and software, technology, and business solutions. It was important for us to work with someone who was familiar with our needs and our system. We dont have time totrain a new technician each time we have an issue. I would not hesitate to recommend Danny Rising and his staff. This staff is knowledgeable, the response time is reasonable, the candor we receive when we ask for advice is invaluable, and I personally appreciate the professional manner that our small company receives from Rising Technology Solutions. They are building their company in the right direction getting feedback and advice from clients to make sure that they are current with client needs and changes. RTS listens to their customers! They offer the latest technology and they offer their service at a price most small companies can afford."
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