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Industry Focus

Most businesses find it increasingly difficult to stay ahead of the latest technologies, security threats, and networking challenges. Instead of using IT as a competitive business tool, they waste valuable time and money struggling to keep their PCs, servers, email, networks, and Internet services up and running. Rising Technology Solutions "Complete Care Plans" is the smarter way to manage your IT resources.

RTS believes you can be great at a few things or just ok at everything. RTS would rather be experts in the industries that they support. They believe they can be more effective by specializing in specific industries. RTS will learn any industry that they enter and make sure they can support it effectively as the IT department of their Client.

Discover how our powerful and flexible Complete Care solution deliver exactly the reliability and performance you need to manage your computing environment—all for a fixed low monthly fee:

CompleteCare Services that range from 24/7 monitoring and server management to an end-to-end, fully managed IT infrastructure, including end-user support.

Dedicated Business Lines of Support:

  • Dental Office Support: RTS has spent years understanding what it takes to support the dental industry. Our goal is to keep your Operatory up and running and generating revenue at all times. We work with your imaging vendors and your software vendors to integrate our management software so that you are up and running at all times. We can work with Patterson, Dentrix, so you can focus on serving your patients. We also understand the regulations that you have to follow and we will make sure that we keep you compliant at all times.
  • Optometry Office Support: RTS has spent several years understanding what it takes to support the optometry industry. We have a experience implementing and supporting different software that is used to support your staff. We have a broad understanding of OfficeMate and can assist you with your IT needs.
  • TownShips:  RTS has worked with various local city and government agencies and understand the needs to support that is needed to keep all the departments working properly.
  • Churches: RTS supports local churches throughout South Carolina, they have a broad understanding of ACS and other software that relates to your church.
  • Banking: RTS owner’s background came from the banking industry so he understand what is expected to support the banking industry and making sure they meet their business demands.
  • Other Dedicated Lines: RTS has spent years understanding the business functions of the following lines of business to make sure that they are being supported at the highest standard, RTS is not just a break/fix company our goal is to keep you up and running problem free. RTS wants to make sure that you are more efficient, finding ways to save our clients money, and giving them the most effective way to generate revenue. The dedicate lines of business includes:

    Staffing Companies
    Insurance Companies
    Transportation Companies
    Waste Management Companies
    Accounting and CPA Companies
    Emergency Rescue Companies

  • Other Small Businesses:  Just because we have some dedicated lines of business that we have invested time to learn their business structure does not mean we can provide the other lines of business, we will continue to add other business lines as we learn the lines of business. If you are interested in becoming a Beta Customer for your line of business at a reduced rate we will be glad to talk with you and learn to stream line your business line.
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