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Business Continuity

IT Infrastructure Continuity
RTS helps you increase your infrastructure reliability with redundant computing systems and daily offsite backup of all your data. We provide continuity within our central infrastructure such as redundant mail relays, routers and Internet connections. We can design and support continuity for your specific solutions from redundant hardware components such as power supplies and NICs to redundant server solutions to support your critical application requirements.
Offsite Data Storage and Remote Data Access
We automatically back up your workstation and server data and electronically store it in a secure, offsite location. Plus we can establish remote data access for your key personnel if your building is ever inaccessible for any reason. These critical precautions can help you meet vital business continuity requirements.
Business Continuity Planning
Our IT infrastructure experts can assist you with the critical IT elements of your business continuity plan, including IT impact assessment, backup and recovery strategies, plan documentation, and test and update.
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