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Back It Up

CHALLENGE: Back up critical data...regulary
Daily offsite backups
Who hasn’t experienced the agony of lost data? Despite your best efforts, it’s easy to forget or get lackadaisical about backups…until disaster strikes.

But with RTS’s daily electronic backup service, you'll enjoy the peace of mind that your organization’s data is safe and secure. RTS can automatically back up the critical data on your servers and the vital information that’s created and stored every day on your workstations. We encrypt it for confidentiality. And we electronically send back-up data to our Network Access Center for storage.
Recover and restore
Even with regular backups, it’s often difficult to recover and restore your precious data—especially as quickly as you need it to conduct business as usual.

With RTS on the job, if your server or workstation data is ever accidentally destroyed, we can quickly recover and restore your vital business data.
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