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June 6th, 2008
The Client: Roy R. Oates Jr., PC
About the Client
Roy R. Oates Jr., PC, an Accounting firm, has been in business since 1992. They assist small business with their accounting needs throughout the upstate of South Carolina.
The Challenge
The client had been bouncing around from consulting firm to consulting firm. They would pay the ultimate price because consulting firms often go out of business because of the nature of the break/fix world. They wanted a firm that they knew would be around and they could depend on.
The Solution
In an effort to make sure that RTS will be around for years to come and not just another fly by night consulting firm that comes and goes, or one that has to raise their rates to some awful amount, RTS developed our Complete Care plan as an alternative solution. Our client wanted someone they could depend on, wanted to get the maximum availability out of their system, and know that remote and onsite support was only a call away.
Ever since our client decided to use our Level 1 Complete Care plan we have been able to resolve their problems a lot quicker without hardly any onsite visits. They enjoy the fact that the smallest problem they are having we can remote right in and resolve the problem. This has also cut out onsite costs for the most part because about 95 percent of their problems can be resolved remotely.
Customer Testimonial
Rising Technology Solutions is very dependable and knowledgeable, they always have a great attitude and are eager to assist us with any problems, we no longer worry about our system going down for a long period of time. Our system runs a lot smoother, and in the rare event our system goes down RTS gets us up in the shortest time possible, which keeps us more productive for our clients.
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